only the mountain knows

Before the shoot

Properly capturing my paintings to show online and in print is an art from all its own.. At the moment I have 14 pieces of art that have yet to be pro-photographed, and a few that have sold before ever having a chance to be shot. Thought I would update the blog section with a few pieces that haven’t had their camera debut yet ;)


‘Fire from heaven’

plaster, ink, powdered charcoal & oil on stretched canvas

36″ x 36″



From the Ash - 2014

‘From the ash’

ink, acrylic, powdered charcoal & 2part epoxy on stretched canvas




only the mountain knows


mixed media




seek the barriers built against it copy

‘Seek the barriers built against it’

ink on stretched canvas

18” x 36”



slow ascend copy

‘Slow ascend’

oil on stretched canvas





thread the light copy


‘thread the light’


mixed media



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