I love the experience of being around other artists, and all the various art forms. Just being in proximity to creative flow, charges and enlivens me. Shaping energy into form comes from a place beyond what we can fully understand...intuitive artwork .. unbound..can teach us a little more of this place. I think
I invite you to come alone, as a couple, or a small tribe of like-hearted to deepen your connection with self and source by means of an intuitive art making experience. The healing process of pouring into process without attachment to outcome is a beautiful way to deepen a dialogue within… to clear away blockages… and to commemorate a milestone in your own or shared journey, leaving you with a tangible visual mantra art piece to serve as a reminder of your reason for wandering.
I started painting the interpretation of the occasional readings that I would have done with psychics and mediums as a way to journal my experiences and messages from beyond and keep them close to me as visual reminders of the energies and messages that surround and guide me. Brush with Light was born as a collaboration offering between myself and curated light workers to bring an unparalleled experience to those wishing to connect deeply with energies beyond and have that connection forever woven into an original work of art.
Off-Beat Figure Drawing Sessions are monthly gatherings of first-time to professional artists coming together to create in community. Each gathering welcomes a guest musician to co-create with us, as well as a guest photographer to capture the sweet slow moments of the evening. We often times bring in installation artists, poets or writers to share their art throughout the night.
During the experience of painting, self-judgment ebbs away for creation to flow over a landscape where right doing and wrongdoing cease to exist
Desere Pressey
I am interested in exploring the terrain of my paintings as they unfold before me. As an intuitive painter, I enjoy the journey of my work, and feel that allowing freedom for a painting to wander is a metaphor for my ongoing personal evolution towards allowing my life to unfold as a more fluid experience.
Desere Pressey
High walker
Lost and found
Walk away
Desire pull me through
Extensions of source
Tight in a bud
Together apart II
Where vibration meets form
We see things as we are
Break in the fog
Bonjour from France!
May 8, 2018
Someone pinch me... ✨ Just over two years ago I sat in my studio and lit a candle.. some sage... and closed my eyes. I dreamed of painting in France ... I sat in the feeling of...
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chaos…. pushing up pause.
June 8, 2017
Walking the lowlands of our local Nose Hill park ... and watching the birds break free of their leafy cages... this piece was created in a love state for the beauty that is found...
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First Edition
April 2, 2017
I'm sitting in a little cafe updating my website with a little buzz in my veins… the high that lingers after an art sale. I hope it never changes.. that I never take for granted ...
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January 19, 2017
It's time for another Wanderbrush... As an Artist and painting guide, I open my private studio to small groups of like-hearted to come and share ceremony and surrender to the pr...
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November 23, 2016
    It's that time of year again… The annual SLATE OPEN STUDIOS & ART SALE is around the corner & myself and the other Slate artists are getting read...
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Not an object but a voice
October 24, 2016
"To love a painting is to feel that this presence is... not an object but a voice". -Andre Malraux This feels so true to my own experience of collecting art. The way that a ...
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August 22, 2016
I am writing from my computer atop a wobbly table in a little cafe off the coast of Nanaimo BC. The lady next to me chuckles that she's tried to sit here before and wishes me luck....
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July 27, 2016
  Wanderbrush One of the most meaningful ways I choose to spend my time as an artist and guide, is by hosting intimate gatherings for groups of likeminded who wish t...
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July 23, 2016
    I had to pinch myself a few months ago, as I sat on the studio couch with my laptop.. I was browsing through the many art submissions for an open call at a loca...
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