Walking the lowlands of our local Nose Hill park … and watching the birds break free of their leafy cages… this piece was created in a love state for the beauty that is found all around in the seemingly mundane …
Let me not forget to mention that it was the chaos state of the three kids needing my attention .. the dog barking at the spontaneous visitors at the door..dinner making whilst helping with homework.. and sibling rivalry over technology turns… That finally bubbled up enough that I yelled out ” OK EVERYONE IN THE CAR RIGHT NOW!!!!” Then…. we walked the hills of Nose Hill until the exhaustion allowed a collapse…. and a watching of the birds… and the clouds breaking their thickness into feathery streaks in a wink to the below.Taking pause long enough to see things anew. For the void to look back through you. Kaleidoscope hues and magical winds.. carry dandelion wishes…
There is beauty all around us. If we just take pause. (even if it’s the bubbling up that calls for the pause;)


Want to come wander away from chaos in the studio with me? Ever feel drawn to painting as a form of meditation without attachment to outcome?  My next Wanderbrush Guided Painting Night is around the corner, and there are a few spots left.



‘Lowland flush’
2x (36″ x 36″)
ink, acrylic, powdered charcoal & two-part epoxy on canvas
Original Sold
Limited prints available