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A Guided Evening of Intuitive Painting.

 I invite you to come alone, as a couple, or a small tribe of  like-hearted to deepen your connection with self and source by means of an intuitive art making experience.  The healing process of pouring into process without attachment to outcome is a beautiful way to deepen a dialogue within… to clear away blockages… and to commemorate a milestone in your own or shared journey, leaving you with a tangible visual mantra art piece to serve as a reminder of your reason for wandering.


What Wanderbrush Attendees are saying


 Desere lead our group through a dazzling evening of painting and expression; a truly mind-and-heart expanding experience

– Jennifer Maki


A beautiful gift!’

– Sarah Mae

I wanted to give you a huge thanks again for the beautiful evening last Thursday!  Its as such a pleasure having you lead that special night with our resident mothers.  I am especially appreciative of how you shared your story and provided an authentic,vulnerable, open space that truly set the tone for the moms to do the same.  That is so huge! As many of them don’t experience many adults opening up about their struggles and some tools as to how they overcome them.  So thank you!’

-Stephanie Schoenberg 
program manager – High Banks Society


‘Such a sacred a beautiful gathering. I feel so blessed to have been a part of it!’

– Arianne Georgia

‘So deep and sweet! Loved being with my friends and under the influence of the incredible artistic divine wisdom of Deseré!’

-Joni Tabbiner 

Thank you so much for last night’s Wanderbrush! It meant a lot to me to be a part of the evening, and to meet those fabulous women and have some of the conversations that we did. Yourself and your space are truly magical, and I am so grateful and honoured to have been invited by the universe to know you and be a part of your world. The things you are creating- not just your art – but the events and the connections you are facilitating between yourself, others and a community that you have single handedly brought together… It is absolutely awe-inspiring. It is precious. It is important. Thank you. 

-Teyden Haycroft



Untitled design

A Wanderbrush Session includes:

  • An evening in my private studio space, prepared in artful ceremony for your arrival. (Space-making is my art)
  •  Writing ceremony & materials
  • Gentle painting guidance and medium demos by myself.
  • A hand selected playlist of intention to enhance the wandering of your art experience.
  • Full access to private studio & all supplies and tools.
  • Custom made wood box panels at gallery depth to paint & take home
  • 2-part resin application applied to works of art post session
  • Light snack & tea
  • Post-session art collection – In studio




A private STUDIO Wanderbrush session can be booked for 1-8 people at $200 per person (min $600 booking fee)

To book your private Wanderbrush session please email me with at least three weeks notice of requested dates, number of attendees and a little bit about the intention of your gathering.

 Public STUDIO Wanderbrush session ticket is $150 each. Please email me to express

your interest in attending a wanderbrush session as a solo guest.

To be emailed your invitation to the next session

please sign up to my email list HERE. 



An Off-Site Wanderbrush session/Retreat can be booked for groups of 10-100 people for a minimum of $1000 plus travel & accommodations if outside Calgary.  To inquire further and book my services please email me with your date of interest, number of attendees and general details about the event.








Intentional painting workshops


 I open my studio doors to your children ages 6-14 to come and create truly beautiful resin & alcohol ink works of original art.       Each child will learn in my private studio how to use this lovely flowing medium. Children will be gently guided to write their cards and create their works of art while connecting to the people they choose to gift them to, or with the intentions they wish to welcome in through their creative flow process.

Truly heart-made art making.


 $200 per child
(includes all supplies and instruction)
*no parental supervisionrequired

Sign up:

To be emailed an invitation to the next Chroma Kids workshop, please sign up to the list HERE

To book your own private group workshop for a special occasion please email me with your date(s) of choice with at least three weeks notice along with the number and ages of children you’d like the workshop tailored for.

Off-BeatFigure Drawing



Off-Beat Figure Drawing Sessions are monthly gatherings of first-time to professional artists coming together to create in community. Each gathering welcomes a guest musician to co-create with us, as well as a guest photographer to capture the sweet slow moments of the evening. We often times bring in installation artists, poets or writers to share their art throughout the night.

 This is a very inclusive non-judgmental community of likeminded open hearted people. You are welcome here.

What Off-Beat Attendees are saying

‘Thanks for being someone who gets it…who gets that dialogue, the arts, exploring relationship between ourselves, each other the spaces we live within is vital to our personal and collective well being. Thank you for being a brave pioneer leading the way to deeper and more intentional and meaningful artful explorations here in this city.The space you create and hold is welcoming to all, sacred and transformational and is contributing to the development of a soulfulness in this beautiful community of Calgary we share.”  

– Amy Lister (attendee) 

‘”I enjoy Off-Beat because I think deep down we all want a platform to showcase our (perceived) flaws and have them met with reverence and humanity”

– Stefanie Airey (model)  

“I love attending because I enjoy being surrounded by the creative energy, the beautiful vignettes, props, music and pull inspiration from the whole experience. It’s meeting other creative people and sharing what we are drawing that night, being exposed to some unknown musicians, playing with my drawing skills, taking away a warm fuzzy feeling that I’ve dipped myself in a bit of culture, which seems so sparse sometimes in this city.” –

-Amélie House (attendee) 


For more info on Off-Beat & To Purchase your tickets

Visit the website:




Untitled design



Intuitive Readings – PAINTED

Have you ever had an incredible reading with a gifted light worker, that left you feeling

connected to a intelligence beyond mind and body?

 What if that moment could last a lifetime? 

 I started painting the interpretation of the occasional readings that I would have done with psychics and mediums as a way to journal my experiences and messages from beyond and keep them close to me as visual reminders of the energies and messages that surround and guide me.  Brush with Light was born as a collaboration offering between myself and curated light workers to bring an unparalleled experience to those wishing to connect deeply with energies beyond and have that connection forever woven into an original work of art.

A Gift to a loved one or in love of self…

Have your next reading channelled into a spiritual work of art.

A forever reminder of messages and affirmations from beyond. ​




  Brush With Light Session includes:

  • A reputable medium & myself coming together in advance to connect and prepare the space with your energy in heart.
  • Meet & greet and a sharing of tea and intentions within my studio space.
  • 1Hour Reading with medium – while I interpret the reading into a channelled painting.

(longer readings available *additional fees apply)

  • 1 20″x20″ stretch frame channeled painting on canvas  OR  1 small ink on paper channeled painting, framed.

(larger dimensions available * additional fees apply)


 For Brush With Light fees & bookings visit: 







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