Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 6.16.11 AM Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 6.13.07 AM Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 5.56.01 AMSomeone pinch me… ✨ Just over two years ago I sat in my studio and lit a candle.. some sage… and closed my eyes. I dreamed of painting in France … I sat in the feeling of though it were already so.. and surrendered to the eventuality of it .. not knowing how or when, but trusting that it was already in the making. Today, I am sitting in my studio in France- my home for the next month in the horse stables – converted into art studios at the Chateaux d’Orqueveaux.

Taking pause while writing this entry to dwell in gratitude… and continue to trust this dance with the universe of asking.. trusting.. and waiting with hopeful expectation. (and doing the work;)

I’ll be using the freedom of time here to explore a new medium, and feel that it’s the perfect process for the place I am both geographically, but also along my own soul’s journey. I’m ready to move into more light with my life and subsequently with my work. Cyanotype is a medium that still roots in the deep indigo of shadow.. but then requires exposure to sunlight in order to develop and the results are so magical…

I was just at a a couple small town street markets scooping up old panes of glass, and a sweet Orqueveaux resident and trade of the Chateaux; Remmy, has been chatting with me in the studio and helping me better my French while extracting old panes of glass from salvaged castle doors. Today I’ll be taking my supplies and glass on another  hike into the countryside to get low.. like I remember doing as a child… remember watching ants and their little world while laying in the grass?  I hope to dip into those slow still moments .. use the plant life … my own silhouette .. and surrender to the sunlight as I cast our shadows upon the glass…  I’m already in love with the process of his new body of work .. I trust the results will be an evolution of the art that wishes to move through me.

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Thank you ✨ may we continue to trust flow and dwell in love. May we make our art from this high place too.

Je vous envoyer tout l’amour xo- Dez