The Northern Beauty

I nearly always have music serenading me at the studio, and I am a huge live music fan, and have a preference for more intimate concerts when I get the privilege of taking them in. When I was invited to be a part of raising funds for the I Will Survive Association #music4lifeyyc alongside some lovely Calgary creatives, It paralleled an internal decision I had made to give back through my art in a way that helped others who have experienced darkness.. Plus it meant working alongside some seriously great musicians… It was an emediate ‘yes!’ Being of service while serving my soul is a gift inward.. out.

What I didn’t expect was to have my cup overrunneth. I have been blessed with so much inspiration, love, support and new friendships.. All being an unexpected part of the experience of the making this new work. Getting to know the genuinely kind artists that make up The Northern Beauties (Todd, Craig, Aaron, Charlie and Erik) through witnessing them practice and interact live while I paint.. creating alongside Rebbecca Reid, the stage artist who is such a wildly awake woman so humble and bountifully talented. Collaborating and bearing witness to my dear friend and the amazingly talented stage & sound photographer Keith Skrastins.. Getting to know the dynamo Brendan Kane even better.. this man is changing the Calgary Music scene in the best way possible..Bearing witness to the generosity and open hearted/open doors of David Winkler at the Area..

I have been transformed by the wisdom gained in my heart space by means of this community risen to support this event and this cause through the arts and for the greater good.

100% of the silent auction proceeds from this piece were donated to the I Will Survive organization. I believe in the healing power of music, community and art making so very much.. it is bred in my bones. I have taken antidepressants, undergone different therapies and though they’ve played a role in my recovery from a major depressive episode and ongoing awareness and daily living with shadow .. There is an undeniable power to the good old fashioned coming together of people. It is always a great privilege to facilitate creative workshops, and host small gatherings in my studio for those wanting to express and find deeper dialogue with self through art making.. and it was a true gift to offer my work to this very worthy cause also.. I am by no means a musician but I have witnessed firsthand the transformative effects that it can have on the soul.


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