I carefully wrapped up my latest live painting piece ‘Sacred Circle’ last night and passed her over to Alice Hong & Joni Tabbiner. This painting was completely inspired by an event that they hosted through their collective ‘Align with Joy’ & I was very blessed to be a part of that experience as I channeled the energy of the room into a painting. Align with Joy  have been skillfully leading sacred circles and guiding women to deeply heal and live delightful, free lives for over a decade. Being invited to paint live at gatherings of likeminded people is one of the greatest gifts I cherish as an artist and medium. Our power to alter the energetic state of the environment around us is beyond full comprehension and more intelligent than mind or body… When a room full of individuals in touch with their Divine intelligence come together in sacred experience to breathe.. move.. and pay homage to their creative source.. their connection into a vibration… matters. In our culture.. we obsess with being productive..we live in a time where the glorification of busy is everywhere… but I truly believe that these sometimes seemingly “frivolous’ activities of coming together in community to experience the joy of just.. being… Well THOSE are the most productive of any other ways we can spend our time here on this planet. Taking those shared moments with us.. into our days.. being aware of our oneness brings more power to all that we do. Thank youAlign with Joy for all that you do, and for welcoming me into your space. The sale of this latest piece feels so right.untitled-6smalign with joy sacred circle