I love working my clients’ energy into a piece when I am creating a commission work. I spend time with them, and absorb … reinterpret my experience of them into pallet and form.. Its beyond logic and useless to try and explain this process. . and yet when it is complete, it makes perfect sense. AH.. there they are!
One afternoon I decided I wanted to keep a little bit of my mommy friends with me in my home after they left from our coffee/play date. Those times are so very special to me and are becoming farther and fewer in between. I placed a raw canvas on the coffee table and brewed us some coffee and tea.
After the cups had been warmed by the flood of black gold .. i plunked some paint brushes into the pot and said “make me an underpainting!”
kids and mommies shared stories and laughs all the while weaving the memory of the moment into the fabric and it was beautiful.
Little pieces of this day peek through the final piece and it warms the heart to know that my friends hang on my wall.
I’ve adapted this process into the works of my clients and it means so much to me to know that our collaboration is a marriage of my art rooted in the underpainting of their movement. I look forward to many more underpaintings created by you and worked into a commission by me:)


This underpainting was worked into this final piece: