Blog entry numéro 1

A place to share a little bit about my art and how I filter the world around me…some insight into what draws me closer to the Devine and conjures a desire to spill over onto the canvas. From the sunlight glowing .. sculpting the blades of multicoloured green to freshly swept up remnants of my children’s play dough arranged on my hardwood floor.. just so. Inspiration strikes in the most seemingly mundane places. I love those still slow moments when it hits me…  and I am reminded of my calling.


Climbing nose hill post dinner chaos tonight, to find myself again, I was greeted by the most spectacular sunset. The iPhone never does nature justice, but I snapped a shot to take with me to the studio…My photographs serve to capture the pallet of the moment. Its  always the emotion that ends up on my canvas, rather than a literal interpretation… I loved how the sun was casting  a crown across the earth below.. For me it was a reminder. Original source is what lights us all.. we are all crowned by the Devine, and her light is never beyond reach. And in those moments when we feel darkness creeping in.. all we need do is look up. And know that we are crowned. We ARE light. I climbed a natural high tonight, and the sky came down to teach me.